Chokehold Lyrics – XXXTENTACION

Chokehold, lock in
Might as well call it good night
Skull mask, death face
When I catch ‘em swear it’s on sight
Blade on me, in my hand, might as well cut a nigga up
Blood on my motherfucking shirt, hey
Motherfucking put ‘em in a hearse
Motherfucking put ‘em in the dirt
Living dead in this mothafucking thang, okay
Fuckin’ on your lil’ fuckin’ main
Might even eat her motherfuckin’ brains, okay
Like stab her ass up touché
Pick the heart out bruh, who pray
I don’t pray boy, I look to the sky, my nigga
Then smoke on a blunt to get by, my nigga, like okay

This shit fire
Nigga shit